Friday, April 2, 2010

A Tradition Like ONE Other

WooHoo...don’t have to work on the first day of the Masters.  I announced this to the family after dinner tonight, using my best Jim Nantz voice (which sucks, by way; I’m a little better at Harry Kalas).  “Hey, Thursday is ‘...a tradition unlike any other...’ and I actually get to watch this year.”  Shannon asked the boys if they knew what I was talking about.  One of them came up with “golf tournament” and the other came up with “green jacket”.  Not bad for 7 and 9 in Seattle. 

But my older boy took it a step further.  “No, it’s not,” he said.  “Not what?,” I asked, puzzled by the apparent non sequiter.  “It’s not unlike any other.  It’s like the hot dog eating contest (Coney Island on July 4th on ESPN).  They win that big belt for that.  It’s like the Masters.”  Funny what the kids come up with!

I’m guessing I’m pretty much permanently banned from Augusta for this post.  

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