Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pounds Off Profile: Cristie Kerr’s Weight Loss

Professional golfer Cristie Kerr is the first female athlete featured in a Pounds Off Profile.  By 1999, she was carrying 185 pounds on her 5’4” frame and it was causing her back pain and affecting her swing.  More importantly, her family has a history of weight related illness. 

Over the next two years, she lost sixty pounds and found her game.  Kerr’s before and after pictures are proof positive.  She has spent the last seven years ranked in the top ten on the LPGA tour.  Most impressively, perhaps, Kerr has kept the weight off.

Kerr has four rules for healthy eating:

1.       Eat your vegetables, and then your protein, before eating carbs.  That way, you’ll be full when you get to the high calorie foods.
2.       Carry healthy snacks at all time, so you won’t reach for the chips when you get hungry.
3.       Keep a food diary and write down everything you eat.
4.       Give yourself a “cheat day,” but don’t go crazy. 

If you know of more female athletes who have a weight loss story, let me know! 


Big Clyde said...

This is cool. Aside from #1, this is pretty close to what I did when I started losing weight. Maybe I've drifted from those steps. Thanks for the tips.

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