Sunday, June 13, 2010

Week 21 Recap: Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal!

This Week           -2.4 Pounds
Total Loss            24.6 Pounds

Some programs you can just start and be up and running.  Calorie counting, eliminating processed foods, and eating more fruits and vegetables require knowledge, but it is knowledge that is easily available on the Internet.  What I am learning about the Hunger Scale is that you learn as you go.  After years of being out of touch with my hunger cues, I have been relearning to recognize those cues.  In reality, what I did was more to avoid 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s (on a scale of 1 being famished and 10 being stuffed like at Thanksgiving).  Hopefully next week I can provide better insights into this plan.


Most weight loss blogs are built around a weight loss goal.  I have avoided this because “lose a bajillion pounds” sounded more like a hope than a strategy.  But I’ve been plateaued and am looking for a little extra motivation, so here goes: My goal is to hit 50 pounds lost on the Pounds Off Playoff by Labor Day.  That’s a little more than 2 pounds a week, so it’s a push, but doable.  And I figure I will be a little more active in the summer, when I actually get a little time off and it’s not raining practically every day.

So, in honor of the World Cup, that’s my Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooal!

Do you have experience with weight loss goals?


Julia said...

WOO-HOO!:D Congratulations on your 24.6 lbs. loss! Keep up the great work!

Diana said...

Ha! When I read 'when it's not rainging practically every day' I thought he must live in Seattle. Then I saw your Mariner's hat. At least we had a fantastic weekend!

50 pounds by Labor Day is totally possible. Especially if you figure out this hunger thing...and if you do, let me know because I sure can't figure out when I'm full. :)

Alan said...

Thanks for the encouragement, both of you!

Diana, I am skeptical if I can ever really trust my hunger cues as much as calorie counting or cutting out processed foods, but we'll see. Experimenting a little is what the "Playoff" is all about. Eventually, the less effective approaches (for me, anyway) will weed themselves out. But for now, I'm giving it a try!

Miz said...

mine took a while to nail (the weightloss)because it was about so much more than the weightloss.

that said 16 years later Im still hanging on.

You can do this!


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Congratulations!! I did not set a goal when I started off from 305 pounds. I think I was afraid to set one because I had failed so many times. So I just kept losing until I felt "done."

Great job on your progress - I'm so happy for you!

Alan said...

Thanks Miz and Diane. I can relate to the too high with too many disappointments to set a goal. One of the things we have learned at work is that sometimes belief follows action, when you'd think it'd be the other way around. Seems true with weight loss/lifestyle change.