Friday, September 24, 2010

Pounds Off Profile: It’s *Not* Over When Cindy Sadler Sings

(credit Greg Emel)

When I have my act together, I try to match the Pounds Off Profile with something timely.  There have been posts for the opening of the baseball and football seasons, and for tennis’ U.S. Open and golf’s British Open. 

While most of America is aware that football season just started, did you know that classical music just started again, too?  It’s true.  In fact, I just attended the Seattle Symphony’s opening gala. 

In that spirit, this week’s profile is an opera singer.  Go ahead, make your jokes if you must.  (Extra credit if you work in a viola joke...and extra, extra credit if you get that reference!)

Cindy Sadler is an Austin based mezzo soprano.  She used to be the proverbial “fat lady”.  (Ugh, twice to that well, I’m done, promise.)   And she has quite a career, singing at the prestigious Lyric Opera of Chicago, among others.

A few years ago, Sadler turned her life around and lost 100 pounds.  And then she lost 30 more.  Sadler started with a read of the Beck Diet Solution, which teaches you to “think like a thin person.”  Over time, she became knowledgeable about nutrition and made changes like ditching processed foods and sweets.  She’s become more active, too, working with a trainer, walking, and hiking.

If all that isn’t enough, Cindy is an authentic weight loss blogger.  She has blogged regularly on her site The Next Hundred Pounds for nearly three years.  And it’s great stuff.  Really, if she spent a lot of time commenting on other blogs to build her readership, she’d be a big name in weight loss blogging.  I also like that she links to Pasta Queen.  This is a quality health blog by a legit opera singer who’s lost 130 pounds.  You don’t see that every day - check it out!


Raegun said...

I love these Pounds Off Profiles - bonus points for variety in your selections! ;) season is soon starting. Any plans for an upcoming profile? It can only boost your Canadian readership, lol.

Thanks for your comment on my blog last week, and for your song recommendation. I LOVE the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. That song takes me back to my graduating year of university and some great memories.


Dr. Fat To Fit said...

AS usual, great job Alan.

Anonymous Fat Girl said...

Will definitely check this out! Thanks Alan. :)

Tish said...

Hey Alan, I loved seeing this and reading her story. Thanks for sharing. I have a good friend who sings opera locally and is just starting to get serious about weight loss. She'll love it, too.

Patrick said...

Thanks for turning us on to Cindy.