Monday, July 11, 2011

Enjoying the Summer Biking in Seattle

Last month, I biked six times in 30 days as a part of my June challenge to get back to riding. I was happy with it, although one and a half rides a week is nothing to write home about.

Come July, I've been a biking fool. My sixth ride came on the 9th of July! My work life is heavy in June, but eases in July. And July in Seattle may be perfect biking weather. It seems like it's 72 and sunny every day. As a bonus, that weather accentuates the wonderful Pacific NW scenery.

Mt. Rainier, viewed from the Interurban Trail

Importantly, my eating has been markedly improved the last few weeks. I've recommitted to whole foods and greatly reduced my consumption of processed foods. Truthfully, I felt better the very first day I cut processed foods back. And I think it's helping me ride faster. This week, I nearly equaled my personal record on my super hilly local bike trail. This picture is not great, but it shows off my enthusiasm after that great ride - and my new yellow bike shirt!

I hope you're having a great July, too. Starting next week, I'll have a series of posts on my rededication to eating healthy, whole foods.


Big Clyde said...

Looking good, Alan. You are doing awesome! Keep going.

Marilee said...

Those local strawberries are pretty good this year. We just finished our first 1/2 flat this morning. Well, it took several days.

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

So jealous of the scenery and weather! You'd better ride extra just for me. It's going to be over 100 here for the next week and we have nothing that lovely around here, except Cowboys stadium of course! Ha ha ha!

Mer and Mo said...

Amazing feeling when you eat whole food! So hard to stay away from the processed stuff!
Keep up the excellent effort!
Always on the move- MER

Michele said...

I bet Seattle is just a great place for biking. definitely scenic. That Yellow shirt is a great symbol this month with the Tour in full swing. I find the more cycling I do, the more I want to get out. Great job on changing your food habits, too.

Liv said...

Just found your blog...enjoying reading it! And I loved the beautiful whale pictures! I wanted to comment that your post made me think of the show I've been watching lately for some inspiration: Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. It's on Monday nights on ABC at 10pm/9c. Anyway, the guy on the show had a 100 mile bike ride (in Florida summer heat!) and I really thought "could I do that?" But the show, reading your blog tonight and others have really inspired me to get on the bicycle!


eddietaylor09 said...

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lisa said...

Is that the Burke-Gilman trail you are biking? Love it!