Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Post Format

As I mentioned a while back, I have a new job starting September 1, one that will challenge my ability to maintain balance between work and family. My sons are now 8 and 11. When I'm not working, they and my wife (who just completed her "first" sprint triathlon!!!) will be my main focus.

I've debated what to do with the blog: Stop. Stop and start tweeting. Stop and occasionally write epilogue posts. Hire a ghost writer. (OK, I didn't really think of that one until now. Hmm...for all you know, maybe I am already using a ghost writer. In which case, anything unfunny on this blog I attribute to the ghost writer.)

I knew I didn't want to just stop. And the truth is, I'm not at any kind of "goal weight". (Neither is my ghost writer.) So the question became how to keep the blog going while keeping the commitment manageable. Here's what I came up with:

Three types of weekly posts:

  • Weight gain weeks: 140 characters. You don't need my wisdom when it obviously isn't very wise. So I'll check in, tweet-style.
  • Weight loss weeks: 140 words. A little reward for progress. But I still won't have a lot to tell you until I hit...
  • New low weeks: 1400 words. When I bust that plateau and record a new low on the scale, that's when you need to hear from me. 
Also, I'll be moving my posts to Sundays, just to make the line between blogging and work that much more clear. Actually, I have been writing my posts on weekends for a long time, but time releasing them early Monday.

In that spirit, here's my post for this Sunday. (Fortunately, I only gained .2 pounds, so the shame is minimal. ;-)

54321 helped most of the week. Then ate out Fri, friend's party AND son's 11th BD Sat. Gained .2. Doh! NSV: a shirt fit - 1st time in 6 yrs!


Christina said...

I hope the new job is a perfect fit! Good luck! I am so glad to hear you won't be leaving us. I really enjoy your writing style, your blog content, and your supportive comments. :) I love the idea of longer posts for new lows. Considering your crazy weekend, .2 doesn't sound so bad. I bet you'll have a nice loss this week!

Lou said...

Dear Ghost Writer, please take some of Alan's other chores to help lessen the load in general :-;. Love the proposed format changes, Bring on the 1400 words!

Kelly said...

Good luck with your new job, Alan. Don't forget to give us your Twitter name. Or add a Twitter widget to your blog!

Bruce said...

Here's hoping for mostly longer post then!

Thanks for the continuing inspiration and support!

Andrew @ 100 Pounds said...

You should hire this guy to write your posts.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alan. My best to you in your new job! Lost my entire blog a couple of weeks ago - but I started a new one at I'm also on twitter but can't find you. Would love to follow you. My twitter is alliehbc. I'm still doing Supreme 90 Day program as well as Couch to 5K. Be Well. Allyson

Mer and Mo said...

The anticipation for those longer posts...keep up the good work - even if it was only a.2 loss - still moving downward. And congrats on that shirt!!!! Way to go with the back of the closet NSV!!

Staying MOtivated MO

Michele said...

Sounds like a balanced and sustainable plan, unless of course you continue to hit the bottom lows. I am hoping that will be the case vs the tweet style. Really want to see you nail your getting healthy conquest for you first with a very close second for your family.

Hope that new job and the challenges that come with it don't derail the 54321 plan that you are just starting. I am guessing there will be many occasions to eat out, too: did you learn from what you did this week with eating out or friend's party that might help you?? Planning is everything in my playbook.

Joy said...

Have fun with the new job. Can't wait for your 1400 word blogs. You can do it! Keep focused!

Big Clyde said...

Alan, I love the pics of the Narrows Bridge on your other posts. And I also congratulate you on your new gig. I hope you can tell us more at some point.

Keep blogging. I am always inspired by your effort.