Sunday, September 18, 2011

Biking 24 Miles for the Mariners Game

The new Dave Niehaus statue
Ever since I started biking again two years ago, I've wanted to bike to a Seattle Mariners baseball game. Yesterday, the family went to a 4:00 Mariners game and my wife Shannon made the suggestion that this be the game I bike to. Great idea! It was a 24 mile ride, mostly on the Interurban Trial and Green River Trail. The road riding wasn't bad, although I think I ran over roadkill at one point - ick!!! I rode cautiously in town, but still made OK time overall, arriving in two hours and fifteen minutes.

Meanwhile, Shannon drove the family to the game and texted me the location of her parking spot. I locked up the bike on the car rack and joined the game in the early innings. Since this is our last game for the season, we decided to take the kids to the Hit it Here Cafe, a restaurant overlooking Ichiro in right field. Unfortunately, the Mariner's lost to Dr. F's Texas Rangers, 7-6.

As a bonus, we got to see the statue of longtime Mariners broadcaster Dave Niehaus, which was unveiled on Friday. My oh my, it's fabulous. All who knew him say it is a remarkable likeness. What I like is that his score book (in bronze) is on the table and it is open to the game where the Mariners beat the Yankees in the 1995 playoffs on Edgar Martinez's 11th inning double, scoring Ken Griffey, Jr. with the game winning run. Dave was like everyone's grandpa in Seattle, a suburb storyteller who joined the Mariners for their inaugural season and continued through 2010 until his death in November. He will be missed, but his warm and lifelike statue is a great reminder of a wonderful broadcaster.

Here are some pictures from my ride.

As you might imagine, I got lost here

Ah, that's better...

If you're in Seattle, visit the Museum of Flight

Starbucks corporate HQ is right down the street from Safeco Field

And finally, arriving at Safeco Field, visible in the center of this picture. The structure on the upper right is the retractable roof. The Columbia Tower, where I did The Big Climb, looms in the distance.


Michele said...

Fantastic riding to a game! Just love it. Good time, too. Plus, I am sure there were some hills involved. Glad you were careful, too. I heard there were a few serious injuries to bikers in Seattle area lately. Love the way your whole family celebrated this last game. Too bad it was a loss...

It was raining today so we did not ride to the Vikes game. Vikes were dismal, too, just like our weather. Let's hope for a great play off game with MN Lynx on Tuesday night. I am taking an aspiring your b-ball player to that game!

Diana said...

Wow, 24 miles is impressive! I miss bike riding more than anything, but I absolutely can't get on my bike with my cast. With my luck I'd break my other wrist.

Riding in any traffic terrifies me, so I'm glad you made it okay. Great exercise.

Miz said...


The husband just bought a bike so I FINALLY appreciate---via his whining :)---how hard it all is!

❀❀ Dawn (Lay Down My Idols) ❀❀ said...

Awesome idea! I love it!

Christina said...

Alan!!!!! This is so neat! Great job biking that long and that far! How do you feel? Do you want to do it again? I bet your kids think what you did is so neat. Great job, super dad. :)

Dr. Fat To Fit said... Rangers are hanging in, but we have Oakland this week again I think.

SUCH a victory to ride to the game like that. Man, I wish I could do that. How fun and how cool. I'm noticing your face is looking a lot thinner. Keep up the good work!

Big Clyde said...

Alan, I tried to leave a comment yesterday, but it wouldn't take for some reason.

Great idea of riding to the game and I liked the picture of you and Dave. I hadn't heard that he passed away, but I have good memories of him. As you said, he was warm and always sounded like he was a real fan, always having fun.

You are looking thinner, my friend!

Bruce said...

I always enjoy things more when I "earn" them like you did on your ride. Sounds like you have a great trail system.

Keep up the great work. You are looking great!

Mike said...

I think you just inspired me to run to an Orioles game. (Or better yet, run FROM an Orioles game hahahaha)