Sunday, February 5, 2012

P.O.P. World Series Update and Stair Training

Game one of the Pounds Off Playoff World Series is in the history books, with calorie counting taking the early series lead! I lost four pounds totaling up that key eating metric and gained slightly under the guise of eating natural foods. I thought it would be easier to follow the natural foods plan, since I've done things like "no junk food" and "no sweets" before, but it didn't work out that way this time. Our major winter storm and a preoccupying work event hasn't helped, but I wonder if calorie counting would have supported me better through those things.

Calorie counting has been a reliable "go to" plan every time I've used it. I may modify the World Series to keep counting in some way in both plans. But for now, I'm just back to counting until the 14th.

Unlike the rain, snow, and ice I've faced, yesterday was just SUNSHINE!

As for Big Climb training, it's on schedule. Yesterday I climbed the back stairs above a local school - over 800 stairs - and for a change it was gorgeous!!! So if you're keeping score, I've trained in snow and ice, rain, and now warm sunshine. The view from atop the stairs is magnificent on a day like today. And I was joined by my wife and a colleague who is joining our climbing team, so it was a great day of team training for the Four Seam Fastballs!

And I've added a training race. Drum roll please...

I'll be participating in the Cove2Clover 5K race in March. Cove2Clover takes participants up Snake Hill south of Seattle, for a vertical ascent of 800 feet over the first mile of the race, similar to the 788 feet of elevation in the Big Climb. Cove2Clover is on March 11, two weeks before the Big Climb, so it seems like a great fit for my training schedule. And it benefits several local charities and the local school foundation. I'll mix walking and jogging, but mostly I'm looking forward to climbing Snake Hill!


Bruce said...

Great training Alan! Lots of good things happening with getting your wife and others involved.

The 5K sounds like a good challenge as well. Good luck with both of your challenges. Keep up the good training and things will go great.

Tish said...

Good for you! I think it's smart to add the calorie counting into the playoffs because you know it works.

Michele said...

That is a nice loss. Calorie counting sure works for me. I agree, stick to what works.

Love the view where you are training for the Big Climb. Stunning, actually. Good idea to do the other event. It will help you reach inside and farther. Have a good week!

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

Amazing! What a view. Keep up the great work. Enjoyed the Super Bowl. What a game, eh? Now I get to miss football for a long time. boo!

Diane Fit to the Finish said...

I think calorie counting almost always works, although as you know, it can be a pain to do. Including it in your plan as you see fit is a great strategy.

Mer and Mo said...

The Big Climb is in March, for some reason I thought it was later in the year!! Wonderful sunny days make the training go so much better!! Good job this month, all things considered!! Looking forward to the next inning.