Sunday, April 8, 2012

Stairs in San Francisco

Hi everybody! I've been booked solid the last two weeks, hence the lack of posting. Hopefully you've put all that extra time to good use. ;-)

Actually, last weekend, Shannon and I were in San Francisco for a short getaway and to see good friends who live outside Oakland. I can't imagine not having a good time in the Bay Area, but our day in SF was enhanced that much more by our recent stair training. There are many attractive climbs in the city - so many that there's a web site and a book about them - but we focused on two: the Filbert Stairs and the Greenwich Stairs.

We ascended about 350 steps from Filbert Street up to the iconic Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill. You may recognize it from The Amazing Race, one of our family's favorite shows. While we didn't see the show's host Phil up there, we did find amazing views of downtown, Alcatraz, and the Embarcadero (waterfront). We descended the Greenwich stairs and toured North Beach, the "Little Italy" of San Francisco. I replenished after the hill and stair climbing (the hill climbing was worse, by the way) with a slice of pizza at the famous North Beach Pizza. Our day of sight seeing ended at a beautiful park a few stone's throw from the Golden Gate Bridge. It was windy at this point, adding some wave action to the above picture of the landmark bridge.

It was a great trip, and a whirlwind right through Easter Sunday today. In other news, I've been working through the CHRZ plan I introduced six weeks ago (calorie counting, high impact interval training, reasonable rest, and zero inbox). I've made some progress (and experienced some setbacks), but more importantly, I'm gaining a lot of perspective on how I need to live to be at my best. In the upcoming weeks, look for a series of posts on the CHRZ topics.

Hope you're all doing well...and Happy Easter!


Michele said...

That stair training pays off not only in the stairs you climbed to see the sights, but also the HILLS you climb getting about in SF. One of my favorite places to visit and home to many professional conferences I have attended over the years. Love the picture of the GGB! Have a great week!

Bruce Gudmundson said...

Way to earn that pizza! Sounds like a great trip. Haven't been there in many years.

Keep up the great work!