Sunday, March 2, 2014

Made it to the Hometown of Bing Crosby

Spokane, Washington, that is. A good week and I'll cross into Idaho, with a Cabela's overlooking the highway, just yards into beyond the state line, in case I need to hunt something between Washington and Montana.

I am feeling good. No soreness of any kind. Part of that might be because my pace has slowed down, but I do think I'm being smarter about riding position.

We are into baseball season now. A rare February week in Seattle with very little rain allowed the team I coach to get five practices in. For the next four months, there will be very few days without baseball. Again, I equate coaching to gardening in terms of physical exertion, so I'm getting some exercise out there every day. But it is slowing the biking down, just a bit. Between baseball and work, there's not much time left. I've done a pretty good job riding the exercise bike before work, so that helps.

My best story of the week was when an 11 year old outfielder ran up to me between batters in practice, handed me a tooth he had lost, and ran back into position before the next pitch. Good hustle! You know the Cardinals aren't taking a play off because of losing a tooth.

I'm not sure how many people still read this, but if you are I hope you are being healthy in your own way. All the best to everybody!


Karen said...

I'm still reading. Good for you for staying on corse. Funny story about the tooth! Keep up the good work.

Daniel Weise said...

I'm reading as well. You are definitely making progress! Keep up the good work but don't burn yourself out.

Forzest said...

This blog is great my friend keep it going and have a nice day! said...

Thanks a million for the good wishes on your part! I can also wish you only positive experience at your physical exercises aspect of life:)